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It's been a hot minute

Hi y'all. It has been a minute or two since we have talked. I apologize for that. Health issues the past few months have had me on survival mode. I am back and ready to take on a new adventure.

Where to begin? It is March 2020. The stores are practically empty, and I am flabbergasted. I never saw this coming. It has never crossed my mind that the stores would not have what I needed for long periods of time.

I am a planner. I start planning for hurricane season in April. By June 1st we have the supplies we need just in case one hits us. If we get a hurricane, we can make it at least a week before I need more supplies, usually two weeks.

Not this time. Covid has made my planning obsolete. I am worried and not sure what to do. I cannot plan for something that is here and causing havoc. How are we going to get through this?

My husband must have been worried too. He came home from work one night and showed me a YouTube video. It was from Guildbrook Farms showing us how to raise backyard chickens. This video starts the planning for our future.

We started making a list of things we could do in our backyard. Unfortunately, we cannot have chickens where we live (or most animals we want). The logical step was to grow a garden. I have killed plastic plants; therefore, I was terrified that this was going to go bad. The plan was just to keep some plants alive. To my surprise, I kept them alive and they produced a little bit.

I had hope. I started learning about gardening in our zone. I never realized not much grows in Texas in the summer. It is too hot. The best time to grow is fall, winter, and spring. We started with a spring garden this year and are planning for the fall now. You just need some faith.

You have decided you want to homestead. What do you do first? Dream and dream big. Get yourself a spiral and write down anything and everything you can imagine on your farm. It is a list of everything you want if you had all the money and space in the world.

Until our next adventure, have a good one and dream big.


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